27 February 2010

Mushroom Soup With Truffle Oil

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Mushroom Soup With Truffle Oil & Croutons

mushroom soup must be one of the easiest things to make. using very minimal ingredients, this can be ready in about 15 mins. adding on to the fact that the hand blender makes my job a whole lot easier, whats not to like? today i made it using a mixture of fresh shiitake, white buttons & waitrose's dried porcini. porcini is really quite expensive but the aroma is unsurpassed! i then drizzled with a generous amount of $16-a-55ml-precious-bottle of truffle oil and storebought croutons, and that was lunch.

i made this before so recipe can be found here.

18 February 2010

Matcha Sablés

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Macha Sablés

made these in order to take a break from macaron making (also to preserve my sanity). be it simple or complicated, rustic or modern, i think my life revolves around french patisserie alot. when i don't hv time to make multi-component entremets, i find myself drawn to french bakes still. even simple ones like financiers, madeleines & eclairs can be so satisfying.

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