28 November 2010

Purple Sweet Potato Chiffon 紅芋シフォンケーキ

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Purple Sweet Potato Chiffon
i bought some really beautiful purple sweet potatoes during the weekend and immediately set my eyes on this. i've seen this on several blogs and the violet amethyst-like cubes embedded within the cake really caught my attention. i guess i just hv this weakness for pretty desserts (and purple sweet potatoes).

Purple Sweet Potato Chiffon

the cake turned out fluffier than i thought, consider that the purple sweet potato puree was rather thick and heavy. tastewise its pretty mild since the sweet potato doesn't really hv much taste/aroma to begin with but i do like the subtle sweetness and the contrast of the cubes with the cake. i also think that its better eaten fresh from the oven coz that raw eggy smell will be more apparent upon cooling.

Purple Sweet Potato Chiffon

recipe is adapted from here and the original yields a 17cm cake but i scaled it up since i only hv a 22cm tin. also, i don't like the idea of using cream of tartar when whisking egg whites coz i don't see a difference in the results. japanese pastry chefs don't use it in their recipes either so i'll usually omit. sugar and egg whites alone will give you a beautiful meringue so you don't need cream of tartar, or vinegar, or lemon juice.


Jing Wen said...

Makes me think of yam cake lol!

diva said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe Evan. I do want to try this and you know I love all things green and purple. I still can't seem to find any of this purple spuds and tired myself all of yesterday searching about 5 supermarkets! x

Min said...

Wow, what a nice idea to incorporate something dense into a fluffy chiffon! Beautiful!

Yue said...

this looks so good. Ciffon is something i always wanna try but always am imtimidated to try. your photos are good too!

just a girl.. said...

yay...purple spuds!!! My fav, as they are full of flavor, and I love the light and airy chiffon cake with tea....well done on the photos too<span> </span>!

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