14 April 2015

Buttercream Rose Cake

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Buttercream Rose Cake

buttercream flower cakes are the rage these days. apparently its very popular with the koreans and they seemed to have "revived" this trend of making old school buttercream cakes into something more modern and beautiful. i decided to jump on the bandwagon and hereby present to you my first ever buttercream flower cake made for my 15th wedding anniversary! prior to this, i have no experience piping flowers, as in, petal by petal. my piping tip repertoire is pathetic and i probably own like what, 5 piping tips at most. i have a couple of plain tips which i use for macarons and eclairs, 1 saint honore tip and a 2D flower tip for rose swirls in cupcakes. oh right, and a bismarck tip! so this time, i made a trip to the baking supplies shop and bought 10 tips for making various flowers and leaves, plus a flower nail and lifter.

30 March 2015

Sakura Macarons

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i experimented with sakura macarons recently. since its not a very common flavor, i have not tried it before hence there wasn't any reference for me. i decided to just keep it simple and made them pink with pickled sakura flowers on top.

20 March 2015

Kansai Style Sakuramochi 桜餅 (関西風)

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桜餅 (関西風)

making sakuramochi again and using my last stash of pickled sakura leaves. remember the first time i made these i used a german blogger wagashi maniac's recipe. i thought the recipe was a little complicated and time consuming since it involves soaking the sweet (glutinous) rice for 12-24 hours, pounding it followed by steaming. this one is really easy and uses a rice cooker.

12 March 2015

Matcha Strawberry Tri-Colored Soy Pudding

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matcha, vanilla and strawberry soy pudding with dango and syrup

its now spring and of course my favorite season to make spring wagashi and sweets. i actually had intentions to start making spring sweets much earlier but due to lunar new year, my fridge was sooo packed with stuff you wouldn't believe it.

26 January 2015

Sakura Baumkuchen 桜のバームクーヘン

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has it been 3 months already? my apologies for the lack of posts, guys, and happy new year! i've had a few concerned emails asking if i was ok, and whether i still intend to blog. yes, and yes! its just that there were lots of stuff to keep me occupy during the year end - my birthday, christmas, hubby's birthday and new year celebrations so i forgot about my blog momentarily.

anyway i made baumkuchen (read : bum-ku-hen)! this is a cake of german origin but apparently very popular in japan. i knew about it when i first started buying japanese cookbooks. recipes for baumkuchen are everywhere on those books! soon after i chanced upon juchheim, a japanese shop selling baumkuchen at takashimaya but i didnt buy it cuz it was rather expensive. i did try the one from MUJI though, it was good albeit a little too oily for my liking.

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