26 January 2015

Sakura Baumkuchen 桜のバームクーヘン

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has it been 3 months already? my apologies for the lack of posts, guys, and happy new year! i've had a few concerned emails asking if i was ok, and whether i still intend to blog. yes, and yes! its just that there were lots of stuff to keep me occupy during the year end - my birthday, christmas, hubby's birthday and new year celebrations so i forgot about my blog momentarily.

anyway i made baumkuchen (read : bum-ku-hen)! this is a cake of german origin but apparently very popular in japan. i knew about it when i first started buying japanese cookbooks. recipes for baumkuchen are everywhere on those books! soon after i chanced upon juchheim, a japanese shop selling baumkuchen at takashimaya but i didnt buy it cuz it was rather expensive. i did try the one from MUJI though, it was good albeit a little too oily for my liking.

28 October 2014

Salted Caramel Madeleines 塩キャラメルマドレーヌ

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probably one of the rare occasions i'm baking. i find myself cooking more often nowadays and i make it an effort to cook everyday. i really enjoy experimenting with the different cuisines. baking, not so much. the thought of having to stuff myself with all these sugar-laden treats every single day like in the past just don't appeal to me anymore. i try and not use white refined sugar so much and if i do bake, i try and limit the amount of sugar to 50g or less per attempt. which is to say i find american style desserts like brownies that uses 1 cup sugar or frosting that uses 4 cups powdered sugar very, very shocking. not that i'll actually attempt making those. or even the traditional japanese red bean paste. just saying.

anyway i'm following cotta and cuoca on facebook. both are japanese baking supplies/packaging stores that also have plenty of recipes on their sites. their facebook pages are updated everyday and i always look forward to seeing new recipes and pics! cotta posted this recipe recently and i knew i had to make this soon. it just sounded really good and its been a while since i made madeleines.

29 September 2014

Matcha Granola 抹茶グラノーラ

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i bought some freeze-dried raspberries from iherb.com and thought it would be a great addition to a batch of granola. matcha granola seems to be a hit these days and for a matcha fanatic like me, this was not to be missed. i came across this recipe from a japanese website and honestly, i haven't made much granola to know whether it was good or not. my first and last granola recipe was from joyofbaking and it was soooo good i just stuck with it all these years.

19 September 2014

Matcha Marshmallows II

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3 years ago i made these and i wasn't happy with it so this is a revisit of my all-time favorite marshmallow recipe. this time i added much more matcha powder and you can probably see from the hue that the matcha flavor is pretty potent. i also added more gelatin so its firm enough to cut without having to dust with starch/powdered sugar. will experiment with other flavors soon, very exciting. i bought a couple of berry powders and will try out the raspberry one to see if it works.

11 July 2014

Strawberry Chiffon Cupcakes シフォン・カップケーキ

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recently, i've been making chiffon-based cakes really often. i don't just make the actual chiffon per se, i realized they're actually pretty good made into roll cake, sheet cake base for entremets/verrines or even into cupcakes. they yield much better results (soft even upon refrigeration) and simpler to make compared to a dry hard genoise. genoise requires warming the eggs and sugar to body temp and then whisked until ribbon stage which i think is too much work.


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